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We carry a full line of beds allowing you to customize your selection with the features you want. Special requests are handled by our customer service department and can usually be accommodated within the healthcare line of furnishings. Hospital beds include height adjustment, head adjustment, leg adjustment, comfort recliner positioning (tilt-in-space), hidden casters, and hidden side rails that are not seen unless required. A wide selection we carry that may not be on our website. Browse through our website or Please give us a call to help you choose the right bed and mattress for you In addition, a complete offering of optional accessories is available.

Whether you are looking for home healthcare products for yourself or a loved one, you will appreciate the assistance and personal care we offer. If there is a product that you don't see on our website give us a call at 732-293-0002 or e-mail us at info@diabestmedical.com.

We carry many different manufacturers to be able to offer you the right type of product for your needs. For further information and specifications on product please click on "extended information" tab on each product

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Blanket Lift Bar
Price: $15.99
Vinyl Pull on Pants
Price: $17.99
Keep the weight of covers off your feet without sacrificing warmth. This blanket lift bar is made of plastic-coated steel. One side slips under the mattress and the other side supports the blanket. Descreet Protection-Reusable Protective Pant!
Quiet and soft vinyl pants with elastic at waist and legs. Pants are latex-free and anti-bacterial for odor control. Machine Wash and dry/bleachable (material stays soft after wash)
Reusable Underpads
Price: $25.00
Hospital Bed Linens
Price: $40.00
Deluxe Polycotton and Premium polyester quilted top cloths available. Underpads feature an absorbent inner layer and non-slip waterproof barrier, with top quality edging. Pads are anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, and control odors. All pads can be used with any size mattress. Functional Elegance-Oversized sheets in whites and colors!. Shrinkage controlled. Job-tested for superior performance. 50% polyester/50% cotton
Bed Buggy
Price: $77.00
The Intelli-Gel Roll-N-Go is an easy-to-transport, orthopedic seat cushion that you can roll up, fold over, and position any way you like.  With 1” of plush Intelli-Gel, the Roll-N-Go relieves pressure from your tailbone and other pressure points at the ball game, the office, in your car -anywhere you need added sit-down comfort Transports Split Spring or Assembled Bed. Attaches to head or foot spring. By Invacare
Designed to expand 80" in bed frame to 84" bed frame.Complete with extended head pull tube, extended drive shaft. Works with all IVC beds and original style Invacare beds.

The Intelli-Gel Sof-Knee Cushion is ergonomically designed to be placed between your knees to cushion and promote proper leg and spine alignment.  As it improves your comfort level and enhances sleep it also reduces hip and lower back pain and helps you wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 


The Intelli-Gel Travel-Sof Neck Support Pillow’s wrap-around shape cradles your head, providing ultimate support and comfort.  The plush layer of Intelli-Gel reduces the pressure points in your face and lets your head rest easily against the columns.  The inflatable design allows the pillow to be customized to your individual preference.  It stores and packs easily, and is perfect for all kinds of travel. The Intelli-Gel Sof-Back Lumbar Support Pillow provides unsurpassed comfort while reducing back pain through proper support of lower and mid back. An integrated strap secures the lumbar pillow to the seat; so, the cushion won't slip out of place. It is an ultimate travel pillow as it will help you attain lumbar support anywhere you go. The Sof-Back Lumbar Support Pillow features a plush layer of Intelli-Gel for your ultimate pressure relieving and supportive experience.
The Intelli-gel multi-purpose Sof-Pillow provides unsurpassed comfort wherever you need it. With the pressure-relieving properties of Intelli-Gel wherever you tuck it, prop it, wedge it, or sit on it, it is the ultimate Intelli-Gel travel pillow that easily goes with you anywhere. High quality Invacare mattress covers are designed to keep mattresses clean and fresh and protect them from stains, odors, dist, and incontinency.
Bed Rails
Price: $194.14
Sale Price: $150.00
You save $44.14!
Constructed of chrome-plated steel for strength and durability Fits all hospital beds with metal frames Easy to install. By Merits The Deluxe Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump alternately inflates and deflates the air cells of the pad. The pump produces 8LPM airflow with a cycle time of five minutes. Variable pressure setting on Deluxe Pump can be made for comfort and maximum results. Bubble pad design provides superior therapeutic treatment.
Overbed Table
Price: $168.00
Invacare's new Reduced Gap Bed Rails take the proactive approach to bed rail safety. The new designs offer added protection to traditional bed rails by closing up the open area that used to occur with the bed in the fully articulated position. Features knob adjustment for height. By Merits
Bed Side Rail
Price: $194.14
Drive Medical
Constructed of 1" chrome-plated steel for strength and durability. Merits
Bed Rails
Price: $199.99
Invacare's new Reduced Gap Bed Rails take the proactive approach to bed rail safety. The new designs offer added protection to traditional bed rails by closing up the open area that used to occur with the bed in the fully articulated position.
For hospital bed and homecare as well. For security and convenience. By Merits

 If there is a product from a certain manufacturer you can't find give us a call at 732-293-0002 or e-mail us at info@diabestmedical.comand we will find the right product for you. Diabest has a complete line of bathroom aids and safety equipment

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