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Budin Toe Splints
Price: $4.50
Improve Foot Posture and Function. BioMechanical Heel Wedges feature firm rubber postings that help prevent excessive pronation and arch collapse by limiting calcaneal eversion during gait. They also relieve pronation-related stress on ankles, knees, hips and back while reducing uneven shoe wear. Self-Adhesive backings keep them securely in place. Align Problem Toes. Budin Toe Splints crooked, overlapping or flexible hammer toes with elastic bands that gently guide deformed toes into place. They encourage flexing and extension of toes to prevent fixation and rigidity. Also ideal for use after toe surgery.
Felt Bunion Shield cushions and protects the bunion with two layers of soft padding that features an aperture over the bunion area to reduce pressure and friction. An elastic loop positions cushion properly over the metatarsal-phalange joint. Ideal for non-surgical cases. One size fits most. Visco-Gel Toe Spacers fit between the first and second toes to help maintain proper alignment. They feature a vitamin-enriched gel that releases mineral oil to moisturize and soften skin.
Gently Divide, Cushion and Protect Toes. Polyfoam Toe Combs can be worn on top of or underneath toes to relieve pressure and friction. They also divide, cushion and protect irritated or crooked toes. Help keep inter-digital space dry to inhibit fungus growth and hold anti-fungal medicines in place. Ease Ball-of-Foot Pain. Felt Metatarsal pads fit inside all types of shoes to support, comfort and protect metatarsal heads adn shafts. They gradually conform to individual foot impressions. Self-adhesive backings ensure proper positioning.
Tuli's Heel Cups
Price: $6.60
Shock Absorbers for sore heels. Absorb shock and reduce heel pressure with these innovative heel cups. Just slip them into your shoes to ease discomfort from walking, running or standing and related arch, ankle, leg and back pain. These patented, rubber cushions feature a "waffle" design that compresses and rebounds with every step. Experience the Benefits of the original Tuli's heel cups and gel technology. These comfortable cushions feature all of the benefits of our original Tuli's Heel Cups Plus they are formulated with TuliGel polymer. This innovative solid gel material is soft and light yet very resilient.
Arch Brace
Price: $6.95
Reduce Callus Build-up. Foam metatarsal cushions offer durable padding and protection for the metatarsal heads. Their soft, resilient foam absorbs shock and shear while reducing pain and callus build-up. Each cushion slips on over the toe to stay in place. One size fits all. Relieves Plantar Fascitis and Heel Pain. Arch Brace Supports the arch to reduce tension on the plantar fascia, relieve inflammation and ease heel pain. This soft terrycloth pad stays in place with adjustable Velcro fasteners and fits in most accommodative shoes. Interchangeable for left or right foot
Sooth Inter-Digital irritations. 3-Layer Toe Separators absorb pressure and relieve between-toe friction, chafing or soft corns, They also help maintain proper toe alignment after surgery. Multiple layers of soft polyfoam provide maximum comfort and durability. Ideal anantomical shape. Economical. Splint Adjacent Toes. Velcro Digit Wraps align crooked, overlapping or flexible hammer toes. Their toe loops gently guide deformed toes into place by splinting adjacent toes. Velcro-covered fasteners adjust easily for a comfortable fit. Trimmable.

Elta Lite Lotion is perfect for daily moisturizing of face, hands, and body. Elta Lite is especially effective immediately after your shower or bath, using the unique Elta Creme base to provide a watertight moisture barrier that only adds water to your skin but also seals in remaining surface moisture.

Surround, Cushion and Protect toes. Tubular-foam toe bandages surround, cushion and protect toes to relieve irritations. Made from fabric-lined overlapping foam, they can be easily cut and shaped into toe protectors, nail guards, bunion shields and more. Foam compresses for comfortable shoe fit. Each bandage is 12" long.
Convenient, Effective and Economical. Effectively balances leg-length discrepancies and helps relive heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis and related conditions. Pedifix Deep-Healing Foot Cream is doctor-recommended for people with diabetes and/or sensitive feet. Pedifix Deep-Healing Foot Cream features mineral oil, urea, lanolin and vitamins A, D and E to moisturize skin, soften calluses and revitalize your feet.
Let nature's elements rejuvenate your feet with Pedifix Sea & Sand Exfoliating Foot Scrub from FootHealth.com. Pedifix Sea & Sand Exfoliating Foot Scrub contains natural pumice suspended in a cool, refreshing gel, which will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. Pedifix Mango Magic Foot Lotion instantly moisturizes skin with health nutrients, giving you a pampering experience at home. This salon-style mango foot lotion will soothe and soften rough, dry feet and refresh your skin. Pedifix Mango Magic Foot Lotion features mineral oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, lanolin and urea to nourish your skin while it stimulates your senses with the tropical-fresh scent of mangos.
Controls and reduces edema. Forefoot compression sleeve controls and reduces edema after surgery. This non-irritating elastic sleeve stabilizes and compresses the forefoot to decresae swelling, limit complications and speed healing. It also treats forefoot stress fractures. Fits comfortably in most shoes. Relieves Discomfort and Pain with Gel. Bunion cushion comforts and protects the bunion with a vitamin-enriched gel ring that absorbs pressure and friction. This gel also releases mineral oil to moisturize and soften the irritated area. Cushion comfortably loops over large toe to correctly position gel over bunion deformity.
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