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Incontinence required patience and gentle care. Even if the incontinence cannot be cured, it can be controlled so that the person's quality of life can be improved.
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Types of Products:
Pull-ups undergaments pull on and off like regular underpants. They can handle mild to moderate leakage.
Belted Garments provide protection to the front and back, and attach by means of elastic belts. They allow a little more freedom of movement, but the belts can fit quite tightly. They are best used for mild to moderate incontinence.
Adhesive Pads come in a variety of designs. Specially designed male and female pads are available. The insert attaches to underwear with adhesive strips. Most pads handle mild incontinence well, and some can absorb moderate leakage.
"Diaper" Style Undergarments are designed for heavy incontinence well, and some can absorb moderate leakage.
Cloth or disposable?
Protectective undergarments are available in cloth and disposable forms. Each type has it's own advantages. Disposables cost more over time, but can generally handle greater amounts of leakage than cloth. Cloth is generally more comfortable, and reduces the chances of developing skin rashes. Laundry is, ofcourse, an issue. Cloth undergarments can absorb mild to moderate amounts of incontinence.
Fitting Undergarments
Whatever type of protective garment you choose, a correct fit is essential to prevent leakage and maximize comfort. The undergarment should fit snugly, but not so tightly that it causes discomfort. Too loose, and leaking will occcur; too tight, and skin irritation is likely. If you're using adhesive pads, try to handle the adhesive as little as possible: hand lotions and deodorants can impair the adhesives ability to stick to your underwear.

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