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The standard wheelchair is characterized by a cross-brace frame (allows folding), built-in or removable arm rests, swing-away foot rests, a mid-to high-level beck, two large wheels (usually 20-26") with push rims, two small wheels in the front (castors) and push handles to allow non-occupants to propel the chair, Most Standard wheelchairs require a significant amount of energy to propel, thus making them impractical for active users. There are also many variations to the standard wheelchair. Please complete our insurance qualification form to see if you qualify!

Do I qualify for Insurance Reimbursement?


Manual Wheelchair Documentation Requirements
In order for your physician's to prescribe a wheelchair a Face-to-Face examination is required.
Face-to-Face Examination:
What is this patient's mobility limitation and how does it interfere with the performance of activities of daily living?
-Why can't a cane or walker meet this patient's mobility needs in the home?
-Why can't a manual wheelchair meet this patient's mobility needs in the home?
-If a PWC is provided, why can't a POV (scooter) meet this patient's mobility needs in the home?
-Does this patient have the physical and mental abilities to operate a PWC/POV safely in the home?
-Is the patient willing and motivated to use the Manual, PWC or POV?
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